Purpose: On Proofpoint, user accounts are paid for while functional accounts are provided free of charge. This guide explains how to (a) make a user account a functional account and to (b) exclude it from the Azure Sync.


  1. Login in to Proofpoint and go to User Management > Users.
  2. Select the user. 
  1. Click on MASS UPDATE USERS.
  2. Under Role, select Functional Account. Click on UPDATE USERS.    
  1. The user will now become a functional account. 

Additional step for Azure Sync Users (Office 365 and Exchange)


If Azure Sync is enabled, then the functional account needs to be excluded from the Azure Sync.  Otherwise when the Azure Sync occurs next, the functional account will be deleted and the user account re-created. The process to implement this is:


  1. Go to User Management > Import & Sync > Azure Directory Sync.
  2. Click on Search Now.
  3. Expand the Adding Section. Against the user, click on Exempt From Sync.A screenshot of a cell phone 
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  1. Expand the Deleting Section. Against the functional account, select Exempt From Sync.A picture containing screenshot

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  1. Once this is successfully completed, re-run the Azure Directory Sync. Expand Exempt from Sync and you will see confirmation of the exemption:A picture containing screenshot

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